Oísín CLG


Oisin GAA club Manchester play gaelic football at senior, junior and underage. They`re one of the oldest clubs in Britain and are located in Didsbury, South Manchester.


The club was formed in 1904 from the Craobh Oisin Gaelic League Club which was at that time based in Gaythorn Manchester. The gaelic league club was involved in promoting music, song, and dance at that time. The formation of a gaelic football club was an extention to the promotion of all Irish cultural activities in the city.

The club had its home at No 7 Cheapside Manchester up until 1953/1954,at this point the Gaelic League club ceased to exist and the Oisin GAA club had no official headquarters , this situation was addressed in 1992 when they joined forces with Old Bedians Rugby and Soccer clubs,where a modern up-to-date clubhouse and playing facilities were built.

Over the years the Oisin GAA club has been know as a friendly, sporting and caring family club, providing for people of all ages to foster and promote all our great Irish customs and culture.

The club has promoted our native game at all levels from under 10 years to adult, enjoying many successes down through the years.

In 2004 the club celebrated its Centenary Year and published a Book on its history, entitled "An Sceal" Oisin GAA Club. A copy of the book is on display in the GAA Museum in Croke Park.

The club is grateful to the many great people who have been part of the club down through the years and wish the new generation of people every success in their continued promotion of our game and all our great Irish culture.