Naomh Ánna

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Irish Name : Naomh Ánna
English Name : St Anns
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Pitch : Turn Moss


St Ann’s GAA Manchester was reformed in November 1999.

Initially the club was reformed as an underage club to promote the national game of Gaelic football within the Irish community of Stretford. The area of Stretford has always had a large Irish Population.

Danny Grogan was the figure head at the outset with his ability to coach boys to play the game.
Danny could see that there was a need to form a club in Stretford and went ahead with the idea of setting up St. Ann`s GAA.

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Senior 12

  Scott Doran     Chris Keating     Fergal Lennon  
  Ronan McCann     william ahern     michael connolly  
  liam coyne     john fitzpatrick     Luke forkin  
  Michael grogan     john mcdonald     john redding  

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Date Submitted: Friday 24th April 2009

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St Anns - Fixtures

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St Anns - Results

Saturday 1st September 2012

Wolf Tone League Quarter-final

St Anns vs St Patricks

Walkover for St Anns


Throw in: 16:30

Grade:   Junior  

Venue:   Turn Moss  

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Home Pitch

Pitch Name : Turn Moss
Address : Turn Moss Road
Old Trafford
City : Manchester
Postcode : M32 8QD


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